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Engineering is at the core of AR-tech’s operations. We deliver high performance, cost-effective technical services to our customers worldwide.

Depending on the size of the projects, our services can be divided in two main groups:

  1. In the case of major projects we typically form a part of a larger project team which our client puts together and our role mostly consists of developing a basic and detailed design, as well as manufacturing paperwork (workshop drawings for mechanical handling plants).
  2. In the case of smaller projects we typically assume a wider range of roles and responsibilities, such as:

Our engineering achievements include major complex and challenging projects which now represent some of the world’s largest platforms designed to operate at temperatures of -40 degrees Celsius in winter and +40 Celsius in summer, to withstand heat, sea, ice and many other conditions that might occur.


Our consulting services fall into two groups:

Technical consultancy

We deliver projects and solve problems across a range of sectors, including: petrochemical, chemical, surface mining, environmental and oil and gas. These services typically form part of nearly every engineering design project.

Business and commercial consulting

Our technical capability is supplemented by commercial consulting and cost management know-how, including our market research, sourcing, technology and logistics expertise (transport/material handling logistics). This expertise frequently includes optimisation of flows, materials, information, costs and other resources, as well as system dimensioning and controlling, mathematical models and simulation studies.

We use state of the art technology to increase precision of our work.